05 July 2021: Seminar by Dr Robin Hankin, Department of Mathematical Sciences, AUT

Date/Time/room: Monday 05 July 1-2pm in WT121, level 1, AUT Tower, 2-14 Wakefield St.

Speaker: Dr Robin Hankin

Title: Students’ voices: spoken assessment in undergraduate statistics education


Typically, an oral examination (viva voce) is used in education only at the highest levels, such as a PhD or DEd. Oral examination is distinct from a presentation or seminar: during a presentation the student is in control apart, possibly, for questions at the end; in contrast, during a viva the examiners are in control. In this short talk I discuss an innovation in undergraduate statistics education in which the student is assessed on a "five-minute conversation" with me after submitting their written work. Students have responded well to this challenge, which has a number of educational benefits. I would like to build on this assessment item and seek input from the audience.


Robin Hankin is a mathematician specializing in computational statistics. His first degree was in pure and applied mathematics from Trinity College, University of Cambridge. After working in the British Scientific Service at the UK Health and Safety Executive, Robin returned to Cambridge for a PhD in theoretical fluid mechanics, specializing in stratified atmospheric diffusion. He then worked at The University of Auckland as a lecturer in environmental science, and after returning to Cambridge to study global climate change as a senior research associate, is now a senior lecturer at AUT.

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