08 March 2023: Seminar by visiting Professor Chris Sangwin, University of Edinburgh, UK

Date/Time: Wednesday 08 March, 2023

Speaker: Professor Chris Sangwin, University of Edinburgh, UK

Title: STACK online assessment and tools for writing worked solutions in mathematics and engineering


STACK is a computer aided assessment system with a focus on automatically establishing objective properties of answers which have mathematical content. E.g. establishing that a polynomial, given by the student, is in factored form. Based on these objective properties partial credit, feedback and cohort statistics can be generated. We will start with a short talk and practical introduction to the STACK online assessment system.  This talk then considers the educational issues faced when writing worked examples in mathematical form, in particular how to break up a worked example into steps and how steps are justified. Worked examples are particularly important to students and are widely used in mathematics and engineering. This talk identifies and separates two key issues: (i) style of justification, and (ii) style of presentation and how tools within the STACK online assessment system can provide teachers with very flexible options for creating worked solutions from randomly generated problems.


Chris Sangwin joined the University of Edinburgh in 2015 as Professor of Technology Enhanced Science Education. His learning and teaching interests include (i) automatic assessment of mathematics using computer algebra, in particular the development of the STACK system, and (ii) problem solving using student-centred approaches. Chris Sangwin is the author of a number of books, including "Computer Aided Assessment of Mathematics" and the popular science book "How Round is Your Circle", which illustrates and investigates many links between mathematics and engineering using physical models. He's also co-authored textbooks for the International Baccalaureate published by Haese Mathematics.