24 November 2023: Seminar by Dr Renu Choudhary, AUT

Date/Time: Friday 24 November, 12 – 1pm, WZ630

Speaker: Dr Renu Choudhary, Senior Lecturer and Programme Director Certificate of Science and Technology, SECMS

Title: Certificate of Science and Technology: Navigating Opportunities and Challenges in Programme Management

Abstract: In this presentation, I will share my journey of successfully navigating and persevering through the challenges posed by the changing teaching and learning methods brought about by the pandemic. Additionally, I will discuss how I effectively managed the programme despite the fluctuating student numbers and financial challenges both during and after the pandemic. I will also provide valuable insight into the strategies that we employed to enhance student engagement, improve the learning experience, and boost retention rates.

Speaker Bio: Renu, a senior lecturer in Mathematics and Director of Certificate of Science and Technology programme at Auckland University of Technology, plays a pivotal role in guiding aspiring students towards STEM success. As the head of the Pre-Degree STEM Programme, Renu oversees the smooth delivery, development and implementation of curricula that empower aspiring students to continue and excel in STEM fields.  With her unwavering dedication to reshaping attitudes towards STEM subjects, particularly mathematics, she ignites a passion for learning and foster a deep love for mathematics. Her research interest includes exploring and employing innovative student-centric teaching techniques and creating conducing, safe environment for active learning. Renu’s work not only impacts her students but also contributes to STEM education community by improving teaching methodologies.