8 April 2018: Representing AUT at the Super STEM Fair at MOTAT Museum

Six members of STEM-TEC participated at the Super STEM Fair at MOTAT as part of the AUT team: Jordan Alexander, Robin Hankin, Sergiy Klymchuk, Sarah Marshall, Mahsa Mohaghegh and Chris Whittington. The event focused on promotion of and engagement with science and technology for school students and their parents. Our activities included: demos of the Mandelbrot set, tessellation and knot theory; estimating the weight of a jar of rice as well as introduction to Gaussian distribution; solving hands-on mind-bending range of mathematics puzzles; showcasing examples of astronomy and physics - frying things with sunlight and a large lense, plus engaging visitors with the force accelerometer; demos of specialised breathing masks, amazing 3D bio scanning and 3D printed faces; experiencing augmented reality and virtual reality applications.  The fair was a big success with 2000+ visitors most of whom attended the AUT site.