9-12 December 2018: The 29th Australasian Association for Engineering Education Conference

Two members of STEM-TEC Chris Whittington and Dr Roy Nates present a paper (co-authored also with S. Bakrania and T. Anderson) titled “Understanding student absenteeism in undergraduate engineering programmes” at the 29th Australasian Association for Engineering Education Conference to be held in Hamilton. The Conference Theme is “Engineers for the future; accounting for diversity”. The Sub-Themes are:

1. Beyond the qualification – future-proofing engineering education for a diverse workforce. (National Strategy) 
a. Strategies for increasing diversity of student intake often exist within institutions. However what happens to students once they graduate? Have students been prepared for the diverse workforce that will emerge as a result of an increasingly diverse student intake?

2. Beyond tolerance – educational practices that embrace diversity. (Teaching Strategy)
a. Diverse perspectives add value to the classroom, as well as to the workplace. How can we move beyond merely tolerating different viewpoints to creating educational spaces that encourage, develop and allow the ideas of an increasingly diverse student group to flourish?

3. Beyond the classroom – tailoring engineering and STEM education to meet the needs of all stakeholders. (External Industry requirement)
a. Educational institutions must consider an increasingly diverse group of stakeholders, including students, staff, industry, and the wider community. How can educational activities expand our horizons beyond classroom and industry experience?

The website of the conference is https://www.aaee2018.com/mihi-welcome/