17 Feb 2015: Seminar by Professor Mikey Goldweber, Xavier University, Cincinnati, "Improving Course Relevance: Techniques for incorporating the social value of computing into your courses"

This workshop is part of the DCT Faculty Staff Engagement Week. The workshop introduces "Computing for the Social Good: Educational Practices" (CSG-Ed). CSG-Ed is an umbrella term meant to incorporate any educational activity, from small to large, that endeavours to convey and reinforce computing's social relevance and potential for positive societal impact. Mikey Goldweber has been a computing professor in the USA since 1990.  He works primarily in computing education with foci in curriculum design, introductory programming, and pedagogic operating systems.  For the past four years Mikey has been one of the driving forces behind the "Computing for the Social Good" movement in the international computing education community. He is on sabbatical at the STEM-TEC Centre in the first semester 2015.

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