16 February 2018: Seminar by Pauline Hoyle, Associate Director of the National STEM Learning Centre, UK

Room: WT515C

Time: 12-1:30pm

Title: Supporting STEM education in England: A reflection on strategies to improve the uptake and progression of young people to STEM study and careers.

Abstract: Pauline Hoyle will present a reflection on how the UK government, employers and education have worked together for the last 20+ years to increase the uptake of students to study STEM subjects and pursue careers in STEM.  She will talk about the National STEM Learning Centre and Network; how employers, universities and research institutes work to support access to subject-specific, quality-assured CPD and curriculum resources for school teachers/ support staff; how supporting enrichment and enhancement experiences for pupils and improving the quality of teaching and learning in STEM subjects can inspire young people to progress in STEM.

Bio: Pauline Hoyle is an education consultant, having previously been the Associate Director of the National STEM Learning Centre and Network in the UK and the Programme Director for Science for the National Strategies for School Improvement in England. She has over 40+ years’ experience as a teacher in NZ and England, a professional development facilitator, author, examiner, advisor and an accredited Ofsted inspector for schools in England. Her particular expertise is in school improvement, evaluation and effective pedagogy, particularly in STEM subjects.  She has led national and European projects in STEM education, providing strategic visioning, programme management, the training of trainers of professional development, curriculum enrichment and development.  She has developed strategies for monitoring and evaluating the impact of programmes on teacher development and student achievement. She was the chair of the Expert Advisory Group in Science in England and currently works on a number of European projects including the strategic body of the EU STEM Coalition Group.