8 June 2017: Sponsoring 3D Printing Professional Development Event for School Teachers at AUT

A group of 10 school teachers attended a 3D printing professional development event at AUT as part of their Hatchery programme led by Nick Pattison and Sarah Morgan. The Hatchery is New Zealand’s first educational technology accelerator with a goal of strengthening the New Zealand STEM education eco-system. By connecting some of New Zealand's innovation leaders in research, business and education to explore educational uses of modern technology, such as 3D printing, composite materials, ECG controlled devices, RFID and artificial intelligence. The Hatchery is a unique opportunity for teachers and STEM professionals to explore synergies between their core operations and co-develop tangible, relevant STEM educational technology for the benefit of all of New Zealand. STEM-TEC sponsored the event paying for the 3D printing devices and Chris Whittington was the presenter.