28 June 2019: Seminar by Dr David White, SECMS, AUT

Title: Medicine and Engineering Education: an exploration on merging two disciplines

Abstract: Developing a portal through which our undergraduate mechanical engineering students can transition into postgraduate biomedical studies has been explored through the application of new and innovative technologies in final year elective paper and in final year capstone project industry and research engagement. Covering virtual reality to commercialisation engagement, this presentation discusses the pilot methodologies used to engage and inspire mechanical engineering students to apply their skills in a new context: the human body.

Bio: David White is a senior lecturer in the School of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences and Director of the AUT BioDesign Lab. David has been conducting biomedical research in the area of respiratory devices since 2001 when he utilised dynamic modelling techniques to identify important design features that were subsequently applied in a small-bore tube continuous positive air pressure (CPAP) device.

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