28 May 2015: A $19,000 grant from the MBIE for the joint project with Co-Lab

On 28 May 2015 the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) announced successful applicants for their national initiative "Unlocking Curious Minds", http://www.curiousminds.nz/discover/article/4/30/unlocking-curious-minds.

The initiative is designed to support new projects to enhance, or broaden the connection and engagement of "harder to reach" New Zealanders, in particular young people (ages 18 years and younger), with science and technology.

STEM-TEC jointly with Co-Lab (https://colab.aut.ac.nz/) received a $19,000 grant from MBIE for the local project "New Horizons: STEM Meet-ups for South Auckland Youth".

The following six workshops are offered on the AUT's South Campus over August-October 2015.

1. Saturday, August 15. Smart clothes: Wearable Tech NZ's leading wearable technology companies and AUTs Textile and Design Lab offer a workshop on building fabric sensors and smart textiles research.

2. Saturday, August 29. Numbers don't lie or do they? Maths and Statistics Numbers power the world and define the human experience. Get ready to be enthralled by the power of numbers with amazing puzzles, baffling paradoxes and stimulating provocations in maths and stats with these hands-on activities.

3. Saturday, 5 September. Print the future: 3D Technologies 3D printing and motion capture are key technologies for modern industry. Join 3D printing demos, and get hands-on with motion capture technology.

4. Saturday, 19 September. Beyond our blue earth? Physics and Astronomy The Institute for Radio Astronomy and Space Research will demonstrate the advances and new frontiers in physics and astronomy. Is our future beyond earth and how do we plan for it?

5. Saturday, 10 October. Radical Engineering: Answering the unanswerable.

How do you build a wave machine using jelly babies? How does chaos dictate whether a leopard gets spots? How do drones fly safely without a pilot? Engineering is the answer to the unanswerable.

6. Saturday, 24 October. What's in the cloud? Gaming & AI Around the world, teams of top computer scientists are working towards artificial intelligence. Join the debate on what this means for the world. Experience internet-enabled applications and game programming, and witness the creation of your very own cloud-based multi-user game.