31 May 2018: Seminar by Robin Hankin, AUT, "Top of the class, pass an exam, or drop out: metaphors we teach by"

STEMTEC Seminar Series, 2018

Where: WT204 Note different room

When: Thursday 31st May 2018, 12-1pm

Top of the class, pass an exam, or drop out: metaphors we teach by

Robin Hankin


Metaphor is difficult to define formally, yet easy to recognise when we see it. One usually thinks of metaphor as a poetic or affected use of language, but I will show that metaphor is an unavoidable component of everyday speech—and in particular, is common in education. Metaphor can exert a powerful effect on our thinking and culture, yet is rarely mentioned and seldom examined critically. In this short non-technical seminar I will discuss educational use of metaphor, highlighting the unseen power of metaphorical language, frequently described as hidden in plain sight.

“The framework [for higher education qualifications] should be regarded as a framework, not a straitjacket”. . .(QAA 2008)

“When there are explicit culturally sanctioned warnings not to do something, you can be sure that people are doing it. Otherwise there would be no point to the warnings”—Lakoff and Núñez (2000)