27 November 2020: Seminar by Dr. Krassie Petrova and Dr. Nural Sarkar, Engineering Computer & Mathematical Sciences, AUT

Title: WebLan-Designer (v3) over the past six years: motivation, benefits, evaluation and reflection

Where: WT121
When: Friday November 27, 2020; 12-1 pm

In this talk, the presenters will report on the design and development of a web-based teaching suite (WebLan-Designer v3) that can be used either in the classroom or remote learning (offcampus) to enhance the learning and teaching of computer network fundamentals. WebLan-Designer v3 is the stage 3 development of WebLan-Designer in which two new modules, namely TCP/IP Networking and Data link-layer protocols are implemented into the system. Motivating students to learn such networks and protocol analysis is supported through a set of learning resources, such as tutorials, quizzes, modelling, scenarios, key terms and definitions, and review questions. WebLan-Designer can be accessed (at no costs) through the Internet at https://weblandesigner.aut.ac.nz/. WebLan-Designer in practice and its key features will be demonstrated.

Krassie Petrova is a Senior Research lecturer and Director of Postgraduate Studies in the
School of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences. She has over 10 years of
international experience of consulting in information systems development and
management, and over 15 years of university teaching in information systems, programming,
information security, and data communications and computer networks. Krassie has
published and presented in New Zealand and internationally. Her research areas include
digital service and application adoption and business models, information security, AI/ML
applications, mobile- and eLearning, and IS/IT education, curriculum development, and
student skill and capability building. Her current research interests include mobile service and
application development and adoption, machine learning applications, and eLearning. Krassie
is currently supervising PhD students in the application of machine learning methods in
contexts such mobile cloud security, care for the elderly, and transfer of learning, and
Master's student research in cybersecurity vulnerability evaluation, and the role of human
factors in information security. Krassie is the managing co-editor of Quality Assurance in
Education (QAE), and an accepting editor at the Journal of Information Technology and
Education (JITE). She is the vice-chair of the ATNAC New Zealand (Vice-Chair), and a member
Association for Information Systems (AIS) and the Informing Science Institute.

Nurul Sarkar holds a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of
Auckland and is currently Associate Professor and leader of the Network and Security
Research Group at the Auckland University of Technology. He is a member of many
professional organizations and societies. Dr Sarkar is a regularly invited keynote speaker,
chair, and committee member for various national and international fora. He has published
over 190 refereed articles, including IEEE Communications Magazine, IEEE Transactions on
Vehicular Technology, IEEE Transactions on Education, Ad Hoc Networks, Journal of Network
and Computer Applications, Computer Networks, Wireless Networks, and MDPI Sensors, and
served on the editorial review boards of several prestigious journals. “Improving the
Performance of Wireless LANs: A Practical Guide,” his second book has been published by
Taylor & Francis in 2014. His first book “Tools for Teaching Computer Networking and
Hardware Concepts" (IGI Global) received a lot of commendation worldwide.
Dr Sarkar served as conference general Co-Chair for ITNAC 2019 and TPC Co-Chair for ICOIN
2019, SmartGridComm-2016, and IEEE ICC 2014. He has spent periods of research leave in
China and Japan in recent years. He is a Senior Member of IEEE and Australasian Association
for Engineering Education.

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