5 November 2020: Seminar by Dr Dave Parry, Engineering Computer & Mathematical Sciences, AUT

Title: Online education, post-COVID

Where: WF311
When: Thursday November 05, 2020; 1-2 pm

Abstract: COVID-19 has caused the greatest disruption to A/NZ and the world as a whole since the end of WWII. In a few weeks, education and other services moved online far more quickly than we could have imagined in 2019. So is this “The New Normal” ? Should we expect to be teaching online or in mixed mode for ever? What is the best way to do this? Can educational institutions stay the same and will there be a role for the academic?

I’ll present an anti-TED talk, exposing my complete uncertainty about what is about to happen but including evidence that supports and opposes my beliefs about might or should happen. Join me to speculate about the future, but be warned that my crystal ball is very cloudy and refunds are not available.

Bio: Originally from Wales, Dave started off as a physicist and medical physicist in the UK, but moved across to computing during a number of jobs in physiology and nuclear medicine in hospitals in the UK. After coming to Aotearoa/New Zealand in 1994, he worked at National Women’s Hospital and AgResearch until getting a job developing and delivering the world’s first online Health Informatics course in 1998 at Otago. He joined AUT in 2000 and worked on Business Online and then as an online learning advisor for the business faculty until he finished his PhD and became a CS lecturer. His main areas of research interest are ehealth including applications of AI and user experience, knowledge representation and use and activity understanding. In the teaching and learning arena he’s particularly interested in how we can generate and use good evidence for what we do.

Link to slides