4 October 2016: Seminar by Kerri Spooner, AUT “A Foundation Programme Preparing Students for Future Study in Computing and Engineering Degrees”

The Certificate of Science and Technology (CertScT) is a pre-degree programme at Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand, developed with the aim of preparing students to undertake degree level study in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects.  The history, context and rationale for the programme is outlined together with its structure and content, and pedagogical and programme level strategies that have been adopted to encourage student success.  The presenter reflects on the success of the programme to date in achieving its aims, based upon observation, reflections and data from internal evaluations of the programme.  Challenges for the programme posed by external metrics which the New Zealand Government has adopted are noted.  The presentation concludes with a commentary on the success of the programme in achieving its goals, and the risks to its continuation.

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