10 October 2019: Seminar by Dr Robin Hankin, Mathematical Sciences, AUT

Title: Top of the class, pass an exam, or drop out: metaphors we teach by

Abstract: Metaphor is difficult to define formally, yet easy to recognise when we see it. One usually thinks of metaphor as a poetic or affected use of language, but I will show that metaphor is an unavoidable component of everyday speech—and in particular, is common in education. Metaphor can exert a powerful effect on our thinking and culture, yet is rarely mentioned and seldom examined critically. In this short nontechnical seminar, I will discuss educational use of metaphor, highlighting the unseen power of metaphorical language, frequently described as hidden in plain sight.

Bio: Robin Hankin is a mathematician specializing in computational statistics. His first degree was in pure and applied mathematics from Trinity College, Cambridge. After working in the UK's Health and Safety Executive, Robin returned to Cambridge for a PhD in theoretical fluid mechanics, specializing in stratified atmospheric diffusion. He then worked at The University of Auckland as a lecturer in environmental science, and after returning to Cambridge to study global climate change as a senior research associate, is now a senior lecturer at AUT working in computational statistics. He has spent the last five years studying for a Master’s Degree in Education.

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Dr. Robin Hankin