10 September 2015: GirlTech Event at AUT'S South Campus

The GirlTech Event was held at AUT's South Campus on September 10, 2015. The event was dedicated to illustrating the importance of women in contributing to STEM industries and encouraging them into STEM careers.

The event was sponsored by the STEM-TEC Centre with Dr Sarah Marshall running the maths & stats workshops and David Nutt running the engineering workshop. The main organiser was Dr Stephen Thorpe from SCMS.

The event involved influential female speakers who work in the STEM industry, as well as key interactive workshops revolving around mathematics, science, computer science, and engineering.

Industry speakers included:

  • Tania Ngavaevae, ASB, Better Tech Lead
  • Sydney Crocker, ASB, Future Me Graduate
  • Emma Timewell, Communications Manager NZ Institute for Plant & Food Research
  • Amy Paisley, ex Plant & Food Research – new entrepreneur

Dr Stephen Thorpe opening the event.

Participants at the event.