2-4 September 2016: Sponsoring AUT Kickstart Weekend

STEM-TEC was a bronze sponsor of AUT Kickstart Weekend organised by Dr Steven Thorpe. The Kickstart Weekend is a learning weekend that brings together students, staff and alumni from around the university - who may be designers, developers, entrepreneurs, and experts from lots of disciplines where they can collectively explore the entrepreneurial potential of new ideas. Teams are formed on the Friday evening and then embark on a three-day euphoria of business model creation, market validation, coding, designing, testing and public speaking practice. The weekend culminates with presentations in front of local business and academic leaders. Along the way are mini educational sessions about pitching an idea, market validation, IP protection, pivoting your business model, UX design principles for startups and there are a small team of AUT alumni, academic and industry mentors to help the teams.

The website is https://startup.aut.ac.nz/

Participants of the AUT Kickstart Weekend on 4 September