11 June 2015: STEM-TEC Seminar by Dr William Liu, SCMS, AUT, "Who Am I: Siren, Sailor or Odysseus?"

The explosive progress of science and technology up to the 20th century has brought wealth and improved quality of life for human beings. However these betterments raise some ethical, safety and environmental issues: possible negative applications are threatening mankind's own future. New Zealand universities are to be characterised by accepting the role of critic and conscience of society, and we, as STEM educators are uniquely being positioned where we should raise voices on the 'light and shadow of the science and technology' as well as equip our students with dialogical thinking: opportunities need to be taken but the risks must also be controlled. In this talk, William will brief several ongoing green ICT initiatives, especially to present the Green Teaching Badges (GTB) initiative, which has been continually supported by CfLAT since 2012. William has a good wish to take this talk as a 'me' opportunity for igniting a spark of wider interest from AUT communities, working together as 'we', to develop more systematic and effective pedagogical approaches and practices so as to light the 'shadow' of science and technology in our daily learning and teaching activities.

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