16 March 2016: Seminar by Professor Uwe Laemmel, Wismar University, Germany, "IT based Knowledge Management"

Abstract: Since the hype of Web 2.0 the discussion on knowledge management has focused on the application of social media. However, a real management of knowledge using computers requires a (semi-) formal representation of knowledge that enables knowledge processing. The talk presents  possibilities of formal knowledge representation and discusses their usability for knowledge sharing: business rules as well as topic maps or semantic wikis will be discussed. I will also outline a number of projects in Computer Science and Computer Science education that currently conducted by my colleagues at Wismar University for a possible collaboration.

About the speaker: Uwe Laemmel is Professor of Informatics and Artificial Intelligence and the author of about 50 publications in the past 10 years including two books. Uwe Laemmel has run projects in the area of the application of artificial neural networks including data mining and in knowledge representation using knowledge networks or semantic wikis. He focussed at the academic development of degree programmes as well, in particular he was in charge for the change of the Business Informatics degree programmes from German Diploma to Bachelor and Master programmes. Professor Laemmel is on sabbatical at the STEM-TEC Centre from March to the end of May.

All welcome.