12 November 2019: Seminar by Kerri Spooner, Department of Mathematical Sciences, AUT

Title: Mathematical modelling in education

Abstract: Gaining useful insight into real world problems through mathematical modelling is a valued attribute across many disciplines including mathematics, biology and engineering. Alongside this, international educational policy makers are recognising that mathematical modelling education activities can be one way to prepare students for future professional and everyday life use of mathematics. This being the case, in what ways can mathematical modelling be included in education within New Zealand? The current situation for modelling in New Zealand schools will be discussed, followed by what could be possible for first time modellers within both secondary and tertiary education. Recommendations from experienced mathematical modellers for preparing students for mathematical modelling will be shared. Ideas as to how modelling behaviors could be incorporated into teaching practice, along
with recommendations for curriculum developers are some of the intended outcomes of this talk.

When: Tuesday 12 November, 12-1pm
Where: WT121

Kerri Spooner

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