A Vision Control Module for a Robotics Teaching Environment

Brief Description

This project will involve development of a vision tracking module for a robot, allowing creation of a robotic operation scenario similar to that found in industry.  It will be integrated with the existing virtual robotic environment (developed in a successful 2013 LTDF project) to produce a more comprehensive learning environment for the students. Once the system is developed, teaching will not be constrained by the proprietary and closed source solutions of typical commercial systems.

With a vision tracking module, the students will be able to utilize the information fed back from this module to control the robot. This will allow the robot to autonomously locate and track work pieces based on a unique colour or shape feature as identified by the module. Through this process, the student will be trained to find a solution through critical thinking and, working with other members of the team, to solve a challenging engineering problem. They will also have a chance to see robotics theories applied to realistic applications, and as a result become motivated to learn the theories in more depth. To achieve autonomy for the robot in locating and tracking the work piece with the vision module, the students have to utilize their creativity, curiosity and analytical skills. The whole learning process will become more engaging and relevant to practice, bringing about increased satisfaction for the students and staff involved.

Team members

  1. A/Prof Loulin Huang (project leader)
  2. A/Prof Charles Walker
  3. Jan Kruse
  4. Peter Maclaren


Supported by a grant from AUT's Learning and Teaching Development Fund.


Project leader – Associate Professor Loulin Huang lhuang@aut.ac.nz