Industrial Visualisation for Plant Operators: Minimising the Costly Mistakes

Brief Description

The operators sitting in the control room of a large industrial plant such as a dairy factory or combined-cycle power plant spend all day looking at screens filled with data, numbers and trends. Since these operators may not have tertiary qualifications, it is important that they understand the underlying concepts, and can react appropriately to any exceptions. The Industrial Information & Control Centre at AUT in conjunction with Fonterra are devising visualisation tools and strategies to be applied in the control room to deliver better, more succinct and timely data to the control room personnel. The study is looking at ways to deliver sophisticated multivariable statistics across high dimensions to personnel with high-school education.

Team members

  1. A/Prof David Wilson (project leader)
  2. Nick Depree and Irina Boiarkina  (Postdoctoral associates)


Project leader – A/Prof David Wilson